"This Is A Historical Record Of The Old USAIM Website. Are You Looking For The Current Site?"

A Historical Record – USAIM to USA for IOM

Everything migration interests us. Unlike a book with it unchanging pages, the web is a transitory history, a website here today and moved or gone tomorrow. So when an important website dealing with migration disappears, we like to capture it and memorialize the change.

USAIM.org used to be the primary website for the non-profit US partner of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the UN migration agency. That organization was established in 1951, and is the primary vehicle for inter-government coordination to deal with migration.

Perhaps to align itself more with the IOM, USAIM.org decided to abandon this domain name, and adopt USAforIOM.org as its new name. With our interest in all things migration, we picked up the old name and intend to resurrect the old website as a historical record of the work of USAIM for IOM. Perhaps we will also add some new content that fits and goes along with the old.

Watch for the new, old USAIM back here as we get to this project. While we wait, you can get in touch.

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