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USA for IOM supports the International Organization for Migration (IOM)’s work and efforts in assisting and protecting vulnerable migrants and victims of human trafficking around the world. We do so by engaging with a wide range of actors from governments to members of the civil society, diasporas to corporations in the United States. In fact, we believe in inclusive and comprehensive approaches to help men, women and children caught in crises. As the number of humanitarian crises around the world is rising, USA for IOM seeks to increase its number of partnerships with individuals, foundations, corporations and diaspora organizations interested in supporting IOM’s global projects.


This is an opportunity to make life- changing impacts on the lives of victims of human trafficking and forcibly displacement people. There are two ways to help us:

–       Fundraise: We will work hand in hand with you to develop a customized fundraising strategy that suits your interests.

–     Advocate: Your voice is essential in communicating our message and calling for action. Raise awareness with USAIM for IOM about our current humanitarian efforts. We will share with you our knowledge and expertise and help develop messages that suits your interests and resonate with your network/audience.


–       Give your employees the opportunity to impact the lives of those who have no home to return to through fundraising, matching gifts and sponsoring.

–       Donate a percent of sales and/or offer ways for customers to give or create products unique to your support the International Organization for Migration’s humanitarian responses.

–       Use your company’s marketing and communications channels to promote IOM’s projects.


Demonstrate your commitment to humanitarian relief and development while helping rebuild the lives of those affected by forced displacement, natural disasters and human trafficking. By partnering with USAIM for IOM, you help us deliver immediate relief in emergencies and create safer and healthier environments for the most vulnerable people. Through our partnership, we will work together to create custom programs to make lasting change and help your company meet its business and philanthropic goals.


Utilize your knowledge and personal connections to help raise awareness and fundraise for the most vulnerable individuals back home and to develop initiatives to help them rebuild their lives. Through our partnership, USA for IOM can help develop customized programs to assist and build capacities of displaced communities of a specific country.