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Human trafficking is slavery in the modern age and we must fight it.

Status: Complete

Human trafficking is slavery in the modern age, and one of the world’s most heinous crimes. This is why the fight against human trafficking and the work to help victims and survivors rebuild their lives is a priority for IOM.

It’s also why IOM established a special emergency fund 18 years ago. The Global Assistance Fund (GAF) provides protection and direct assistance to thousands of men, women, and children who have been trafficked across international borders – many of whom were victims of multiple crimes, including torture, debt bondage, unlawful confinement, and physical, sexual and psychological violence; while others continue to be stigmatized after their trafficking experience.

Providing shelter, food and access to medical and psychological care, our teams are also trained to trace victims’ families to help them reunite and, when they are ready, arrange their travel back home. Then, in order to facilitate reintegration into their communities and reduce the risk of re-exploitation, IOM offers additional assistance to trafficking victims once they arrive home, including access to education, job trainings and potential small business grants to support income-generating activities.

Support our efforts to protect and help victims of human trafficking around the world.