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Haiti: Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew brought more ravage to the Caribbean nation, already devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

  • IOM Haiti distributed aid provided by USAID to 200 persons affected by Hurricane Matthew.
  • An old woman stands in the middle of her destructed home in Jeremie, Haiti
  • Claudive gave birth to Preveline in the middle of the storm in a camp for internally displaced persons


The worst storm to strike Haiti in more than 50 years left behind scenes of desolation stretching over several towns and villages. Crops were destroyed. Houses were flattened and many localities were under several feet of water.

On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew brought more ravage to the already-devastated Carribean nation.

According to estimates, at least 2.1 million people have been affected, and 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance including more than 592,000 children. Fatality reports ranged between 270 and more than 1000 deaths.

Our partner, the International Organization for Migration, has been one of the first responders in the aftermath of the hurricane, dispatching aid to local partners in the most affected areas of Jeremie and Les Cayes and tracking displacement of affected persons.





In response to the humanitarian emergency following Hurricane Matthew, IOM launched a USD 20 million appeal to provide human relief to the devasted populations. USAIM is partnering with IOM Haiti to continue support relief efforts comprised of:

- Distribution of hygiene kits

- Providing emergency shelter and materials for the rehabilitation of damaged houses. IOM has developed wind resistant construction techniques as well as designed a training course to assist beneficiaries utilize the shelter repair kits.

- Educating about and controling the spread of cholera. IOM provided medical and non-medical items to 12 Cholera treatment centers in the Grand Anse and South departments.

- The launch of a hotline to identify, advise and refer cases suspected of human trafficking and smuggling. IOM trained 10 call agents to receive and support callers.


Born Into a Storm




“Her name is Preveline. She was born on the day of the hurricane,” said Claudine who delivered on October 4th“I gave birth here in the middle of the storm,” she said while pointing at a half damaged shelter. Claudine, internally displaced since the earthquake in 2010, is living in the Acra North camp in Port au Prince.

During an assessment visit of the camp for internally displaced persons, IOM Haiti staff collected information about Claudine and referred her to local medical partners so she and her newborn can receive postnatal care.

Like Claudine, there are more than 9000 internally displaced persons currently living in Acra North camp in Haiti’s capital. Six years after the earthquake, there are still 55,000 people internally displaced across the country. Many of them are living in more precarious conditions after the passage of Hurricane Matthew.


Donate now to help our partner, IOM, continue providing protection and livesaving assistance to the families suffering from this devastating storm.