One-Time Donations

Amidst the chaos of armed conflicts, political instability and natural disasters, USAIM for IOM seeks to alleviate the suffering of displaced women, men and children around the world. With more than 65 million individuals displaced from their homes, funds are needed to provide assistance to the increasing number of people affected by these tragedies. 

With your donation, we will be able to provide urgent, lifesaving assistance to hundreds of migrants and refugees in need of shelter, non-food items (blankets, clothes, shoes, etc), and medical care.

Become a Monthly Donor

They left their homes in hope of finding a safe land where they could build a promising future for themselves and their families. Let’s ensure they don’t give up hope. 

By becoming a monthly donor, you enable us to provide immediately and long-term relief to individuals affected by displacement, administered through our Recovery and Post-Crisis programs. We will continue offering shelter, non-food items, and more even when crises no longer make the headlines.