End of Year Message from our CEO | USAIM

End of Year Message from our CEO

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Dear Supporter,

As 2016 comes to an end, I would like to express my gratitude for your support to USAIM's mission and share an update on our global efforts made possible by your generosity and partnership.

This year, USAIM focused on seven humanitarian and protection programs for vulnerable migrants – predominantly displaced and vulnerable children. In the Mediterranean, USAIM partnered with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to help migrants and refugees in need of humanitarian assistance along the central and eastern Mediterranean routes,  by aiding unaccompanied migrant children arriving to Italy and providing clothes and hypothermia blankets to migrant children in Turkey. In Africa, a USAIM program - facilitated by a partnership with Madonna's Ray of Light Foundation - enabled the voluntary return of 53 Ethiopian unaccompanied children to their families, after being detained in Malawi. In Ghana, USAIM and IOM rescued 20 children from human trafficking and exploitation and helped with their rehabilitation. In Iraq, USAIM helped Syrian refugee children in the Erbil governorate with the provision of winter clothing and back-to-school packages.  

The last quarter of 2016 brought along more major crises; in Haiti, and in Mosul, Iraq. USAIM and IOM called on your support to provide emergency relief to thousands of families who will not spend the holidays in their homes. Presently, USAIM is partnering with IOM Haiti to provide relief to population affected by Hurricane Mathew, 30 percent of whom are children.  In parallel, the fundraising campaign for Mosul Appeal is still underway.

While the needs remain vast, our joint efforts have alleviated suffering of many families around the world facing uncertainty and hardship and this holiday season is an opportunity to renew our commitment to the most vulnerable. 

In addition to our humanitarian relief and protection work, USAIM is also backing IOM’s International Migrants Day campaign promoting safe and orderly migration. For more information, please view this short film.

We are grateful for your ongoing generosity, instrumental for saving and rebuilding lives.


Luca Dall’Oglio

Luca Dall'Oglio
Luca Dall’Oglio has been serving as the Chief of Mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at the Washington office since October 1, 2012. Mr. Dall'Oglio became a board member of USAIM in September, 2012 and was elected CEO of USAIM in March, 2013.